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Download Dokan Pro (Business) v3.8.2

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  • Create Date August 23, 2023
  • Last Updated August 27, 2023

Download Dokan Pro (Business) v3.8.2

updated to version 3.8.2

=v3.8.1 Aug 21, 2023=

- [VendorSubscription] Fixed an issue where subscription was getting cancelled automatically.

=v3.8.0 Aug 18, 2023=

- **update:** Added HPOS (High-Performance Order Storage)  support for Dokan Pro.
- **update:** Updated minimum PHP version requirement to 7.3
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Resolved an issue where the refund request gets canceled upon the vendor initiating the request.
Previously, When a vendor initiates a refund request through the Dokan Stripe Express payment method, the refund request is automatically canceled. This issue has been fixed now.

=v3.7.30 Jul 25, 2023=

- **update:** [StoreReview/Auction/RequestForQuotation] Restrictions added for vendors to Quote, Review and Purchase their own products.
Previously, vendors could purchase, add to quote and post reviews for their own product. Which is not logical and could manipulate the search results of a product in a marketplace. With this update, vendors will not be able to purchase or post reviews for their own product.
- **update:** [AdminReport] Updated Status filter to support multiple order status.
Now, users will be able to select multiple order statuses to filter the report lots and while exporting the report logs. Previously Only one status can be selected for the status filter.
- **update:** [AdminReport] Added refunded items log under the admin reports log table
Now admin can see the refund amount along with the original amount for Shipping, Shipping Tax, and Product Tax In the Table rows.
- **update:** [RequestForQuotation] Enhanced Quote Approval Process: Admin Can Now Approve Quotes and Convert Quote to Orders
In previous versions, admin lacked the ability to approve quotes, limiting their involvement to only converting quotes to orders. This created a gap in the quote approval process. However, with the latest update, significant improvements have been implemented to empower the admin with complete control over the entire quote lifecycle.
- **update:** [AdminSettings] Added tooltips for Withdraw Disbursement and Disbursement Schedule to guide users. Admin can enable single or both-way disbursement, and vendors can choose the most convenient option.
- **update:** [AdminSettings] Added toggle switches for API integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) in Seller verification & social API settings, allowing users to enable/disable them individually.
- **update:** [AdminSettings] Implemented a "Copy to Clipboard" feature for redirect links used in seller verification & social API settings, enabling users to copy links effortlessly.
- **update:** [AdminSettings] Aligned the visibility behavior of the Active map API Source & input key field with that of live chat settings' Active chat provider & input key field visibility.
- **update:** [AdminSettings] Aligned the visibility behavior of the Active gateway (SMS verification gateway) & input section (Vonage/Twilio) with that of live chat settings' Active chat provider & input key field visibility.
- **fix:** [AdminSettings] Moved the tooltip from Store Terms And Condition to Enable Terms And Condition setting, correcting the tooltip placement issue.
- **fix:** [Subscription] Subscription Cancellation email message for vendor subscription module has been updated.
Previously, Vendor Subscription Cancellation email was conveying a different message which was outright confusing. With this update the issue has been fixed.
- **fix:** [Booking] Fixed an issue where the availability rows under WordPress Dashboard → Products → Add New are broken when the Dokan WooCommerce Booking Integration module is enabled with the latest version of WoCommerce Booking Plugin (v2.0.0).