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Dokan Pro v3.7.20 Free Download GPL

Dokan Pro Nulled GPL
Dokan Pro and Business Free Download

Go Limitless with Dokan

Achieve a lot more with Dokan Pro nulled. No matter what type of product you want to sell – tangible or bookable – Dokan has got you covered. Create any kind of marketplace that you can imagine. It’s super easy!

Start creating your dream marketplace with the ultimate multivendor marketplace solution.

Based on WooCommerce, Powered by WordPress

WordPress makes sure that Dokan Pro is extremely intuitive to use even for the first time users.

Hundreds of Payment Gateways

No matter what type of payment network your customers prefer, you can be sure that your online marketplace will support it. We even support Moip.

Multilingual Ready

With the spread of eCommerce worldwide, the need for multilingualism has increased. Dokan helps with this by making your site multilingual ready.

This product is nulled [activated], GPL version. 100% Safe and Clean. All products in our website delivered according to GPL. WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are already nulled and not need any license key/purchase code. If its asking, enter any keys. You can also ask for discount code for developer license instead of GPL.

Dokan Changelog

A- A+

=v3.7.19 Apr 17, 2023=

- **new:** [API] Added new API endpoint for SPMV module, endpoints are
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Moved some CSS code to the Astra theme support folder.
- **fix:** Fixed a design issue under the Social profile link on the vendor dashboard.
- **fix:** [ProductReviews] Fixed bulk actions are not working on the review list page under vendor dashboard
- **fix:** Fixed some PHP warning under admin dashboard users profile edit page

=v3.7.18 Apr 10, 2023=

- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed announcement menu is not highlighted for the announcement details page.
- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed wrong navigation link on the order details page on product line items lists.
- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed duplicating any product bypass the New Product Status feature, now set to draft as default product status
- **fix:** Fixed some deprecated PHP warnings
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed Support ticket wasn't loading from admin panel if vendor id wasn't found on topic meta.
- **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Fixed unable to add variable products to the cart if the request for quotation module is enabled
- **fix:** [StoreOpenCloseTime] Fixed time selector of the store open close time settings was broken.
- **fix:** [Refund] Refund request wasn't successful if tax amount rounding precision is greater than 2
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Admin will be able to disconnect/delete connected seller accounts from the admin dashboard user details page
- **update:** [MangoPay] Added support for non-recurring payments for Vendor Subscription products.

=v3.7.17 Mar 23, 2023=

- **new:** [StripeExpress] Support for cross-border onboarding and transfer within the boundary of the European Union and SEPA
- **new:** [NewVendorDashboard] Added support for Rank Math Module
- **new:** [NewVendorDashboard] Added support for Geolocation Module
- **new:** [StripeExpress] Added support for purchasing product advertisement via Stripe Express
- **new:** [MangoPay] Added support for purchasing product advertisement via Mango Pay
- **new:** [FollowStore] Added API endpoint to get a vendor follower list (wp-json/dokan/v1/follow-store/followers?vendor_id=1)

- **update:** [StripeExpress] Optimized payment request buttons implementation on the cart page
- **update:** [SPMV] Removed the capability to clone Grouped Products.
- **update:** [PayPalMarketplace] Display a formatted error message if a refund request gets canceled due to insufficient balance under the vendor's PayPal account.
- **update:** [PayPalMarketplace] Set PayPal product type to PPCP only if UCC mode is enabled and supported otherwise product type will be selected as Express.
- **update:** [HPOS] Added High Performance Order Storage support for MangoPay and StripeExpress

- **fix:** [ProductCategoryPopup] Default category is selected by default during bulk edit has been fixed
- **fix:** [SPMV] Product Advertisement Payment & Reverse Withdrawal Payment product showing on SPMV list
- **fix:** [FollowStore] Fixed permalink reset issue after activating the module
- **fix:** [StoreCategories] Uncategorized count increases after adding new users other than seller role

=v3.7.16 Mar 09, 2023=

- **update:** [WithdrawDisbursement] Added unsubscribe option for auto disbursement schedule for vendors.
There is no unsubscribe option for the withdrawal auto-disbursement schedule. Vendors can't disable auto-withdraw requests once it is enabled.
- **update:** [WithdrawDisbursement] Added announcement support for the withdraw disbursement schedule after admin reset (disable/enable) that particular disbursement option. There's no option for a vendor to know whether his/her schedule method is reset or not.
- **update:** [Shipping] Added Free Shipping validity check support for individual vendors shipping if set from individual shipping options or coupon
- **fix:** [GEOLocation] The product is not showing when searching for products using the product location address on the shop page
- **fix:** [VendorStoreSettings] State option appear while choosing the country with no state
- **fix:** [Refund] Fixed a fatal error while refunding an order from vendor dashboard if order line item doesn't contain tax.
- **fix:** [Refund] The vendor earnings become negative after the admin approves any refund request.

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